Mustad Thrush Buster

Stomps out the Thrush on contact.

  • Its staying power is incredible — so powerful that it lasts for up to eight days without reapplication, even in the wettest, muddiest terrain.
  • Dramatically reduces the chances of reinfection.
  • Use Thrush Buster not only to treat thrush, but to prevent it.

Thrush Buster makes a horse more comfortable, a horse owner’s life easier and a farrier’s job more effective.

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CleanTrax® is an effective, deep-penetrating hoof cleanser for horses. It is proven on the toughest infections — white line disease, thrush and abscesses. It penetrates deeply into laminar layers to flush out bacteria, fungi and spores. CleanTrax® is quick and effective — one soak usually does the job. And it is completely safe on open wounds. A top 15 farrier recommended product; a real solution for hoof infections. CleanTrax® is available in convenient single-use packages — with or without a reusable soaking boot — from your farrier supply dealer. Or contact these distributors: Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center, Inc., Forest Lake, MN 55025, 651-287-8289 or The Victory Racing Plate Company, Baltimore, MD 21237, 410-391-6600.

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Neogen Prozap® Fly-Die Defense™

Defend against annoying insects with Prozap® Fly-Die Defense™. This hard-hitting, synergized pyrethrins and Vapona formula quickly knocks down, kills and repels house flies, horn flies, mosquitos and gnats. Just one to two ounces provides protection from those pesky insects in the stall, pasture or out riding the trail. Formulated with Goldshine technology, it provides a lustrous sheen to keep horses looking their best.

  • Synergized, ready-to-use equine fly spray with Vapona
  • Contains 0.025% pyrethrins, 0.25 PBO and 0.5% DDVP (Vapona)
  • Goldshine technology provides a lustrous sheen when brushed into the coat
  • Kills and repels house flies, horn flies, mosquitos and gnats


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Pyranha® Insecticide™

Pyranha®’s Insecticide™ is favored by horse care professionals because of its maximum strength insect protection. This fast and powerful aerosol mist has the highest percentage of active ingredients, making it the most effective spray on the market. Like all Pyranha® products, Pyranha® Insecticide™ uses the highest quality emulsifiers, which allow the active ingredients to stay in the solution. The oil-based spray features coat conditioning benefits and will leave your horse with a show-ready shine. When flies and other insects absolutely must be eliminated, make sure Pyranha® Insecticide™ is in your tool belt.

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Pyranha® Equine Roll On

Pyranha®’s Equine Roll On is great for areas where spraying on fly repellant is inconvenient. This water-based formula goes on clean with no dripping and won’t attract dirt or dust. It kills and repels flies, fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, gnats and more! Equine Roll On is citronella scented and provides long lasting protection in those sensitive areas. This formula is also great for horses with allergies or sensitive skin. Fight flies and dust at the same time with Pyranha® Equine Roll On.

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The Natural Vet’s Bug Check

Available for both horses and pets, Bug Check can help ease the aggravation of the fly population and other biting insects from inside and out! The same great product, that over 25,000 horses have enjoyed the benefits of since 2001, is now also available with the added benefits of Alltech’s LACTO-SACC probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut. If you've been disappointed by garlic or diatomaceous earth alone, you are going to love our Bug Check. Use also promotes and maintains healthy skin and coat from the inside out by focusing on gut support. It’s for what bugs a horse on the inside too! Bug Check is now also available as a “Field Formula” for those that do not feed grain.

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Birdsall’s Farrier Barrier

Birdsall’s Farrier Barrier fights white line disease, thrush and bacterial infections of the hoof. It also helps eliminate soreness of tender feet. Farrier Barrier protects the horse's feet against the harmful effects of moisture from morning dew and bathing. It improves cracked feet without drying them out and will make the hoof tougher.

  • Improves cracked, dry feet.
  • Eliminates the soreness of tender feet.
  • Protects hoof integrity.
  • Voted a top product by farriers.
  • Available at tack shops and farrier suppliers.

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Banixx Wound & Hoof Care

Can YOU conquer all of your horse infection needs with one product? The answer is YES when the product is Banixx Horse & Pet Care (Wound & Hoof Care)! This amazing product annihilates infection, whether fungal or bacterial, due to its unique PH formula solution. This solution eradicates Rain Rot and Scratches, heals wounds and infections in record time, is potent against Thrush and whips White line disease. Banixx is odor-free, sting-free, steroid-free and colorless while being all-temperature tolerant and cost effective. Safe for all of your pets and proudly made in the USA!

Be one of the first 10 professionals to apply and receive a free 8-oz. sample!

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SBS Equine Thrush Stop Blue

Now germs have no place to hide!

  • Gel formula stays put without running. No waste!
  • Blue pigment stains diseased hoof tissue and indicates where to add more gel as the color fades.
  • Effective against thrush, white line disease, candida yeast, seedy toe, mold, bacteria and fungi.
  • Flexible tip reaches deep inside clefts, voids, cracks, nail holes, along white line, under shoes and pads and inside abscess tracks.
  • Non-caustic formula is safe and will not harm surrounding healthy hoof tissue trying to grow out.

Available in 4- or 2-oz. trial size.

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