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More Thoughts On Breakover

Hoof-care professionals talk about the topic often, but sometimes aren’t even starting from the same definition
Breakover. Enhancing breakover. Easing breakover. Changing breakover. It's one of the most frequently used terms in the farrier vocabulary. Everyone seems to have thoughts and opinions and - surprise, surprise - they often aren't the same.
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Farrier Software

What's In Your Toolbox?

Whether you are looking to educate your clients, provide a new service or maintain your business records, computer software could be the change your practice needs
When hearing the word “technology,” farriers may immediately visualize products such as a laptop or cell phone. Useful technology, however, is not solely limited to devices but also includes the programs and software that can be run on them.
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Online With the Farriers’ Forum

Farrier Business Software

I’ve decided that my Palm Pilot’s become too limiting for planning and revising my schedule, so I’m looking to buy a laptop and some better business software. Which leads to my question: What do you use for scheduling and billing, and most importantly, what don’t you like about what you’re using? I’d like to know the high points of the software as well, but am really interested in the “holes” and limitations that I may run into.

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Business Management

Use A Computer To Improve Your Bottom Line

Adding a quality business management software program to your shoeing business toolbox provides two primary benefits: time and money
Although it may take some time to initially set up the program (entering clients, horses, your services list, etc.), a good computer software program can save you significant amounts of time every week, with an additional time savings at tax preparation time.
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Help Your Business Forge Ahead

Designed for farriers, this software program will let you more effectively manage your business
In managing my shoeing business, I use the Forge Ahead v3.3 software program because it’s fast, easy, flexible and gives me the essential business management information that I need.
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