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Do You Have A Plan?

Developing a business plan helps you forecast, price and stay on track
One of the most important and fundamental parts of owning your own horseshoeing business is developing and maintaining a business plan.
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Apprehensive About Apprentices

While some would look at apprentices as cheap labor, this farrier says that adding an apprentice can cost you an extra $15 to $18 per horse
Your shoeing clients seem to be multiplying like rabbits and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get them all done no matter how well you plan your day. You have two options. You can dump a load of clients or you can find yourself an apprentice to do the menial tasks, letting you continue to be the expert.
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American Farriers Journal

American Farriers Journal is the “hands-on” magazine for professional farriers, equine veterinarians and horse care product and service buyers.
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