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Going The Distance With Endurance Horses

Understanding the horse’s conformation and the inconsistent terrain it will be racing on will keep these equine athletes going strong
Moving targets are nothing new to seasoned farriers. Many, if not most, try to apply a shoe on one every day. Yet, those who care for the feet of endurance horses might be considered sharpshooters while trying to keep these athletes competing.
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Manage Hooves During Turnout To Avoid Shoe Throwing

Murphy's Law dictates that if a horse loses a shoe it will happen immediately before or during an important occasion. It can be a heartbreaking and expensive event, especially if the horse is prone to losing them repeatedly.
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12 Reasons Why Stumbling May Not Be a Horseshoeing Problem

Before you follow an owner’s or trainer’s instructions to modify a shoe, consider these other reasons why a horse is stumbling
Farriers often hear an owner say, "My horse stumbled, so my trainer said to tell you to rocker the toes." Many trainers and owners believe that a rolled or rocker toe is all that is needed to "correct" stumbling.
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One Farrier's Viewpoint

The WIDTH Protocol

An objective approach to determining appropriate hoof care for a horse
For some time, farriers, trimmers, and horse owners have debated the merits of placing shoes on horses' feet.
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The Homemade Hoof

Hall Of Fame farrier Jim Keith offers his own take on hoof balance and how it can change with the conditions that the horse calls home.
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Shoeing For The Long Run

Shoeing for endurance rides requires knowledge of the terrain being covered as well as the horse
Horses in endurance races will be ridden from 50 to 100 miles. During those miles, the horses will be required to walk, trot, canter and gallop through a variety of trail conditions and surfaces.
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