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Nutrient Strategies

Focusing on Forage

A diet based on forage means a happy, healthy equine digestive tract in the horses that you trim and shoe

Grazing is a full-time job for horses. Given their druthers, they’ll graze for 14 hours or more every day, with their broad, flat teeth and sideways chewing motions making short work of the tough, stemmy grasses and weeds that they favor. Like all true herbivores, horses get most of their daily energy requirements from eating plant fibers.

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Taking a Trip Down the GI Tract

Understanding how a horse’s digestive system is designed is the first step toward helping your clients fully understand equine nutrition.

For all of the stable-management and health-care expertise I’ve accumulated over more than 30 years, the trimming of feet is one area that I never dared delve into.

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Biotin and the Hoof: The Continuing Controversy

Some researchers say supplementation isn’t needed, but others remain believers in the B vitamin’s benefits

Of all the studies conducted on the correlation between nutrition and the hoof, the role of biotin, a water-soluble vitamin within the B group, has been a central focus time and again.

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