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Ode to the Horse

I owe an apology to the horse that is long since overdue. In the years since beginning my farrier career, I have made many a mistake — some bred of ego, but most of ignorance. To the horse, I vow I will do better.
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Footcare Fit for a Farrier

Proper shoe selection will enable hoof-care professionals to improve posture and reduce pain
Farriers are well-acquainted with the phrase “no foot, no horse.” They understand probably better than anyone that strong, sound feet lay the groundwork for the overall health of the equine. Despite this understanding, farriers are often surprisingly unaware about their own footcare needs, and the adverse health effects that can result from poor shoe selection and fit as it relates to the farrier’s foot — the most significant being poor posture.
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Reinforcing the Basics of Horseshoeing

In his fifth decade of shoeing, Bob Pethick still holds true to the principles that have helped him manage horses’ feet
“It all comes down to the basics.” We’ve all heard that, so much that it seems to be a cliché among some in farriery. But this has never become a passing phrase when it comes from Bob Pethick.
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Give the Frog Proper Attention

Illinois farrier spends a lot of time examining and trimming the frog, and for good reason
What consideration do you give to trimming the frog? “I think we overlook it,” Danville, Ill., farrier Steve Sermersheim told attendees at the D.L. Schwartz Farrier Supply clinic in October. “I used to overlook it. I would just trim the frog and go on.”
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Red Flags for Farriers

Recognize Improper Shoe Fit and Size

Reviewing these subtle signs will serve as a reminder for providing each horse with the best possible shoe fit
Before I wrote this article, I thought it would be a quick write up with pictures of poorly fitted shoes and correctly fitted shoes. As I began typing, I quickly realized how many factors are essential for a properly fitted shoe and how many "red flags" about improper fit can pop up.
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The Heart Bar: A Precision Horseshoe For Laminitis

Proper evaluation, a perfect fit and constant aftercare are essential for success with this shoe
The heart bar shoe, as analyzed by Burney Chapman and Dr. George Platt at the 1984 American Association of Equine Practitioners meeting, was said by Dr. James Coffman of Manhattan, Kan., to be “a major advance in the management of laminitis...because it is based soundly upon the vascular anatomy of the foot.”
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