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TLC For Your Anvil

Advice for maintaining or restoring an anvil for a lifetime of service
One of the fascinating aspects of farriery are the different and interesting challenges that each day brings.
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Online Extras: April 2017 Issue

Web-exclusive content for this issue includes:

  • Hind end insight from the International Hoof-Care Summit
  • Video of Dough Workman explaining his use of a grinder with two expansion wheels for shoe modifications
  • Video demonstration of how to use a gutter guard with a synthetic shoe
  • Nutrition's role in hoof health
  • Learn more about the popular insecticide pyrethrins
  • Photo gallery from the World Horseshoeing Classic

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Getting Better Results With Hospital Plates

Various insights on using hospital plates can help improve your chances for success when the need arises

As a tool in a farrier’s arsenal for addressing hoof-care issues, hospital plates are like fire extinguishers — they are seldom used, but you are glad to have them as an option when needed. Also like fire extinguishers, incorrect or ineffective application of hospital plates could lead to disastrous outcomes.

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A Hands-On Approach To Sharpening Your Hoof Knife

A multi-step process may be old school, but results in a sharpened knife
I am always amazed by this great trade of ours. No matter how long you apply yourself to the art of farriery or how much you study the science and theory behind equine footcare, there will always be something to learn. There are so many skill sets that have to be mastered to just become adequate that it can seem a daunting task for the beginner. For the experienced farrier, every time you learn or master something new, this maxim keeps the job fresh and fun.
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Online Extras: July/August 2015 Issue

Web-exclusive content for this issue includes:

  • Doug Workman's tips for safe and effective use of grinders
  • Videos detailing Curtis Burns' crack repair techniques
  • Hall Of Fame farrier Donald Jones' tips for extending the life of your nippers
  • John Stewarts 2014 article "The Ledge"
  • Veterans explain how skills they gained in the military have benefited their farrier practice
  • Advice for dealing with impatient clients and improving their role in the rehab process
  • In honor of the 2015 National Farriers Week, we have compiled our 4th annual Farriers Spotlight

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Shoeing for a Living

No-Frills Footcare In North Georgia

Commitment to getting feet to a “solid” state is the cornerstone of Doug Workman’s farrier practice

In the world of horseshoeing, Doug Workman is well respected as an American Farrier’s Association certified journeyman farrier and tester, a board of trustees member for the American Association of Professional Farriers and a sought-after clinician.

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2012 AAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinic

[Video] Efficient Use Of Grinders

American Farriers Journal Editor/Publisher Frank Lessiter met up with Doug Workman (Cleveland, Ga.) at the 2012 Nature Farms Farrier Supply Clinic. In this video, Workman discusses choosing an appropriate grinder depending on your tools and use.
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