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Ground Pole Work Can Help Horses Recover From Lameness

Ground poles are a common tool in many riders' training arsenals. They can be helpful in introducing horses to jumping and fine-tuning their stride. They're essential for horses being prepared for trail or horsemanship classes. They can be used to help an uncoordinated horse develop strength and steadier gaits. New research suggests they can also be a valuable tool for horses returning to work after injury or lameness.
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The Intricacies and Dangers of Puncture Wounds

It may be difficult to wait, but it’s often best not to pull that nail or thorn until you have consulted with a veterinarian
Whether to pull out that nail or other object found stuck in a horse's foot is a dilemma all horseshoers face occasionally. The wise and recommended move is to leave it until an X-ray can show how deep it goes and exactly what it punctures.
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Mitch Taylor

Deep Digital Flexor Tendon is Part of a Complex System

So DDFT injuries often involve or influence other lower-limb structures
One of the most important things for a farrier to remember when he’s presented with a deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) problem is that there’s almost certainly something more than just that tendon involved.
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