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Welding an Aluminum Bar Shoe in the Forge

Colombian farrier Ivan Gomez uses aluminum bar stock and a welding rod to make a bar shoe.
There is an abundance of aluminum horseshoes on the market, particularly for therapeutic needs. Ivan Gomez believes farriers need forging skills not only to modify manufactured shoes specific for the horse’s needs, but also have the ability to make an appropriate shoe at the horse if lacking the inventory.
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Forge Welding Made Easy

Making a successful forge weld boils down to three key points
Proper forge welding is a combination of surface preparation, heat and timing. All of the problems encountered while forge welding can be attributed to the improper execution of one or more of these three elements.
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Heat Steel, Add Flux, Blend

Following a simple recipe will help you master forge welding
We have tackled forge welding before, but we wanted to do another article on this important skill for some of the novice shoers, as well as offering a fresh look at it for the more experienced hands.
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Since researchers maintain that toe grabs pose a significant factor in racehorse injuries, racing commissioners will likely be asked to pass rules banning these kinds of shoe modifications.
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Converting A Rasp To A Clinch Block

This tool-building exercise will also help you hone your welding skills

There is something special about making and using your own tools. That feeling may be lost a little for well-known tool makers such as Texas farrier Jim Poor and New Mexico shoer Jim Keith, but making a tool that I’ll use still gives me that tingly feeling.

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Kamagata Teito

Japanese farriers demonstrating in the hotel parking lot at the 1984 American Farrier’s Association convention impressed observers with their skill in using Kamagata Teito, the sickle-shaped Japanese hoof knife.
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