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AFJ's 2014 farrier supplies and services

When You Need The Answers, You Will Find Them Here

The 2015 American Farriers Journal directory is the ultimate resource to hoof-care industry contacts. Use it to quickly locate reliable information you need about farrier-related products, services, people and organizations
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Professional Farriers Announce Formation Of Program To Assist Injured Or Ill Farriers

The American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) and Canadian Association of Professional Farriers (CAPF) Farriers Assistance Program is a grass roots program that allows our membership the ability to help take care of our own. This is a short-term program to assist members through tough times that may occur. There are three main functions of this program: networking, helping with work load while down and donations/fundraising. This program will allow the membership the ability to help fellow members no matter where they are located in a productive way.
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Ground Control Horseshoes Used On Horses In Movie "Lincoln"

"Lincoln," directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, focuses on the fight to end the Civil War and to pass the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery. There is a little secret that you may not realize unless you have some inside information. All of the horses in the movie are wearing urethane Ground Control Horseshoes made in Boerne, Texas. Inventor of the urethane horseshoe, Kristy Watson, and owner of Ground Control Horseshoes received a call in October of 2011 from David Oats, the farrier for the horses in the movie. He said he had orders from Spielberg that a horseshoe was required that would be quiet on the set. Over 200 Ground Control urethane horseshoes were sent to Virginia for the equine cast members. So when you watch the movie, Lincoln, just think about the little secret role that a small company in the Texas Hill Country is playing in the epic movie. For more information go to
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Farrier Tips: Expectations of a Farrier after Surgery

Following an emergency foot or limb surgery in which the farrier was not present for the diagnosis of the issue or treatment, what and how will you directly communicate information to the farrier to ensure the hoof care follows your goals for long-term recovery?
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No Fooling, It's a Fishtail Shoe

Calgary Mail-In Event focuses on an unusual challenge
This year, farriers taking part in the Calgary Mail-In Forging Exercise will be angling for the top spot as they build a fishtail bar shoe.
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