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Dr. Getty's Four Favorite Calming Ingredients

Forage should be available 24/7, all day and all night, if you intend to feed in sync with the way horses are meant to eat.This will help your horse maintain a healthy weight, reduce inflammation, and prevent ulcerations. Therefore, it would be unwise to rely on a calming supplement, when with a little effort, you can identify the underlying causes of your horse's excitable behavior.
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Is Spring Grass A Panacea Or Liability?

Spring grass is Mother Nature’s panacea for winter’s nutritional hardships and the huge demands of pregnancy and lactation. However, rangelands utilized by feral horses usually bear little resemblance to the fields of domesticated horses and even in the spring their diets also include high fiber items like shrubs. Unlimited access to powerhouse grasses can cause some problems.
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Hoof Supplements: Feeding the Foot

Diet has an important role in hoof health, but feed changes alone won’t solve all potential problems
What you feed your horse affects hoof health, but some horse owners take this concept too far. They fall into the trap of thinking they can resolve any hoof problem by feeding hoof supplements.
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Balanced Diet Leads To Healthy Hooves

Much like the canary in the coal mine that identifies a dangerous situation, nutrient deficiencies often show up in the hoof wall and sole growth before they’re readily observed in the rest of the horse
Their show hunter, the owners tell you, pulls its head to one side, fights with the rider and has straightness issues. As you examine the horse, you find excessive wear on the left toe.
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Nutrient Strategies

Those Amazing Minerals

While they may not make up a very big portion of the daily diet, minerals play a key nutrition role and contribute significantly to horse health
Of all the ingredients found in a horse's diet, minerals are among the most unusual.
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