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Farrier Innovation

Glue-ons and Foals: Two Alternatives From Simple Materials

Methods allow customized fits in special situations.
Attaching shoes to the feet of foals is often a daunting task. The very reasons for shoeing often require extensions that are difficult to maintain on any age horse, while the complication of a foal's long limbs, lack of training and limited hoof capsule for attachment can make for an extremely trying experience.
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Pocket Anvil
Farrier Innovations

Shaping Shoes With Leverage And Less Strain

The Pocket Anvil and Shoemaster strive to find a place on more farrier rigs

The Pocket Anvil Shoe Shaper isn’t exactly a new product — it’s been around for more than two decades — but Janet Bernson, who manufactures and markets the device with her partner, Max Middleton, think it is a tool that may become more popular as horseshoers age and look for new ways to save wear and tear on their bodies.

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Farrier Innovations

Look, Ma! No Hammer!

Shoe-bending machines, careful record keeping and keen observation result in a system that’s a big time and energy saver

Just in case you haven’t noticed, shoeing horses is a lot of hard work. If you let it, the job will break you down and wear you out. Being a practical person, I have — from the beginning of my career — sought ways to preserve my body by making the job as easy as possible.

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Don Tritz
Farrier Innovations

A Blow Dryer For The Hoof

Hoof Doc system useful for quick drying of hooves as well as long-term maintenance of moisture content

When Don Tritz, a farrier from Genoa City, Wis., got tired of dealing with wet hooves a few years ago, he started looking around the barns he was shoeing at to see if there was anything that might help him out.

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Ian McKinlay
Farrier Innovations

Softening The Blow

Ian McKinlay’s unusual shoe-rim pad combination targets problem of heel concussion

During his career as a racetrack blacksmith, Ian McKinlay of South Amboy, N.J., had little doubt of what was his biggest enemy — concussion; particularly heel concussion.

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David Farmilo
Farrier Innovations

Balancing The Hoof My Way

Australian farrier says his method can eliminate many common hoof problems

What does it mean to “Balance the Hoof?” Ask a farrier if he balances a hoof and he will say, “Yes.” Ask him to describe how he balances it and he will generally describe very convoluted ways of doing so without having any specific reference points for others to copy.

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Farrier Innovations

Hand-Made Pad Cutter

Old pair of nippers finds new life

Farrier Tom Edwards has been shoeing for 23 years. He doesn’t use pads all that often, but when he does, he uses his own hand-made pad cutter.

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Farrier Innovations

Pinpointing P-3 During The Shoeing Cycle

California farrier says his scoring system provides valuable information for balance and breakover management
Breakover is a function of the equine foot. A chronic problem that we see in the clinic where I work is that the breakover of the hoof capsule is out of balance with the coffin bone at a given point in the shoeing cycle.
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