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Where Does the Problem Originate?

An extreme case of scoliosis and other issues provide a reminder to look beyond the feet and that conformation can limit what farriers can do to help a horse
Many times our eyes are drawn to the feet of the horse, since this is our specialty as farriers. As we look at the feet, we might identify various issues that are going on.
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10 Traits Of Top Farriers

Growing up, I spent a lot of time around the world's best farriers as they came to our home and were trained by my father, Dr. Doug Butler. I was able to work side-by-side with many of them as they became master craftsmen and learned the fundamentals of farriery. I also have worked and consulted with farriers from around the world.
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Red Flags for Farriers

Recognize Subtle Signs of Horse Discomfort

Your ability to better identify and address what could be causing discomfort with a horse will aid in educating the novice horse owner
Horse owners have all types of backgrounds and motivations for owning horses. Some have vast experience while others have next to none. While working with this variety of clients, farriers must know how to handle and advise each one individually. Educated owners will be able to recognize subtle signs of discomfort. However, today there are many clients who lack that familiarity and knowledge.
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