Central Garden & Pet Farnam's Vetrolin Liniment Spray and Shine Spray come with EquiVeil 360° technology for efficient application at any angle.

Vetrolin Liniment Spray is an invigorating, aromatic liniment that helps relieve minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation. It also helps stimulate blood flow to sore ankles, knees and tendons. It has a hint of green soap and essential oils, contains five essential oils to soothe and revitalize, makes a refreshing post-workout body brace and leaves the coat with a lustrous sheen.

Vetrolin Shine Spray contains vitamin-rich conditioners and a high-luster coat polish.

Both are available in a 20 ounce, ergonomic, continuous-spray bottle that releases a silent mist for complete coverage. The bottle eliminates hand fatigue, and it even sprays upside down.

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