Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength Hoof and Connective Tissue Supplement from Central Garden & Pet/Farnam is ideal for all horses, especially those that need more support than others due to a genetic predisposition, environmental or rigorous performance demands. It provides optimum nutrition for strong, healthy hooves, tendons and ligaments.

Horseshoer's Secret easy-to-feed nuggets support proper digestion of nutrients for maximum benefits; support cracked hooves and strengthen weak walls; and grow strong, tough, flexible hooves and support hoof hardness, hydration and moisture retention. Horseshoer's Secret contains 25 mg of biotin per 2-oz. serving and is formulated by equine PhD nutritionists and endorsed by farriers.

Horseshoer's Secret is available in a 7.5-lb., 60-day supply in the Farnam Fresh Keeper Bucket and also in a 30-day, 3.75-lb. refill size.

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