Reader Commentary: November 2017

Ethics Code Part Of Being A Professional

Professional farriers are acknowledged individuals specializing in the knowledge and skill of our profession. Professionals are capable of making judgments, applying their skills and reaching informed decisions in situations that the general public cannot because they have not received the relevant training.

Professional ethics is a set of standards adopted by a professional community. As a whole, the farrier industry does not have an established professional ethics policy. Many farriers that I know, like myself, establish and follow their own professional ethics code of conduct such as having: honesty, integrity, accountability, confidentiality and being respectful.

It still amazes me to see farriers who call themselves “professionals” that aren’t honest to their customers or respectful to their colleagues. Their “lack of professionalism” does more harm to our profession and the perception of it. 

There is no reason to belittle, insult, attack and put down fellow farriers in our industry. Differences can be discussed in a respectful manner without resorting to unprofessional conduct. When a person demonstrates a lack of respect on my Facebook page, I choose to block them to uphold those ideals of professionalism. 

I won’t lower myself to that level of unprofessionalism. I’ll stay the course.

— Esco Buff, Webster, N.Y.

Retirement Suggestion

After reading the Retirement Guide report, can you imagine that if you have a reasonably full book, and save $5 from every trim and $10 from every shoeing, how much you’d have after 20 years? And then putting that…

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