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American Farriers Journal editor Jeremy McGovern recently sat down with International Horseshoeing Hall Of Famer and farrier supply shop owner Lee Green.

Green, who has been shoeing professionally for 29 years, shod his first animal — a mule — at the age of 13. 

“You have to have an understanding of the mule — how they think and operate,” he says. “You approach shoeing with the same steps, but the mule is a different animal than a horse. You have to shoe on their terms and be flexible and adaptable.”

Green went on to become an 11-time World Champion farrier and holds the world-speed shoeing record of 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 

In this podcast, brought to you by Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center, Green discusses his introduction to farriery, his experiences in shoeing competitions and how he got into the farrier supply business.







The American Farriers Journal podcast is brought to you by Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center

High quality horseshoeing improves the well-being of the horse. We are engaged with continuous farrier education and product innovation. Together with farriers, riders and veterinarians new products and services are being developed. Our focus is to supply higher quality nails, shoes, and rasps for the different segments in the equine industry. The strategy behind this approach is that the higher the quality of the product, the better the work of the farrier becomes. Our Farrier and Vet tools offer us a direct and rich contact with hoof- and horsecare experts all over the world.

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