Daniel Baum Company, parent company of DBC Ag Products, announces the acquisition of the products currently marketed under the Lira Gold®, Kauffman’s® and Fortitude® trademarks from Kauffman’s Animal Health, Inc.

The acquisition of these brands will leverage the innovative technologies, marketing and sales strengths of the Daniel Baum Company to increase product offerings to current dairy, beef, sheep, goat and poultry markets being served and expand access to new markets with high quality equine, pet and specialty animal products.

“For years Daniel Baum Company has provided sales, marketing and technical support, as well as innovative ingredients for the development of Lira Gold® and KA-HI products,” says Tom Baum, vice president of Daniel Baum Company.

“Kauffman’s is well known for their high quality, ‘best in class’ manufacturing processes and services. This agreement allows both companies to leverage their core strengths to better serve our customers, says Baum.

“Long known for our quality manufacturing and customer service, Kauffman’s Animal Health, Inc., will now be able to focus additional resources on its core strength of manufacturing the highest quality animal feed premixes and supplements,” according to Tom Kauffman, vice president of Kauffman’s Animal Health, Inc.

“We look forward to reinforcing a long-standing relationship with DBC Ag Products and its ownership team by transitioning the trademarks of Lira Gold®, Kauffman’s and Fortitude® to them while at the same time continuing to be the key manufacturer for the brands,” says Kauffman. 

“This arrangement allows both companies to continue the long-standing partnership in place for more than 30 years and enjoy the growth opportunities it provides,” says Dan Baum, president, Daniel Baum Company.

The acquisition is effective immediately. Each division will continue to conduct business and serve their customers under their current distribution, marketing and sales strategy at this time, under the Daniel Baum Company umbrella.

For more information on the acquisition, contact David Mathes, (717) 509-5724 or email: dlmathes@danielbaumco.com.