Save Edge 'Original' Rasp

The Save Edge “Original” rasp has been the industry standard for many years. This rasp has always been known for its smooth yet aggressive cutting action due to excellent tooth design and a precision sharpening process. The Save Edge rasp is used regularly by professional farriers world-wide.

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Navia Tools Boomerasp

The Boomerasp is a new, innovative rasping tool intended for making the underside of the hoof completely plane after clipping. Fast, reliable planing of the surface as preparation of the hoof before nailing is possible. Typically, the planeness is obtained in 10-15 seconds of work with very moderate pressure on the tool. Surface is smooth and no additional finishing is needed. The Boomerasp is also very suitable for obtaining slightly manipulated angles on the lateral/medial side without jeopardizing the surface planeness. The Boomerasp is symmetrical in design and causes the farrier to work equally with both shoulders, helping to obtain more ergonomic working postures and a more symmetrical finishing on the two sides of the horse.

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Hoof Boss for Horses (aka Electric Hoof Knife)

Special Introductory Offer

Working with horse hooves is a demanding job that’s both time consuming and labor intensive. Using only manual hand tools is no longer your only option. You now have the latest innovation in power trimming at your demand. Since 2014 we’ve been making advances in our product to make it better for you. We’ve improved the reliability of the driveline and developed the new paddle switch.

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  • Hoof Boss — It’s Built to Last
  • 30 Day Try It Guarantee
  • Warrantied — Rock solid for one year


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MultiTool-USA Belt & Disc Grinder

Sand, sharpen, shape, polish, descale and refinish with MultiTool-USA Belt & Disc Grinder. Sold as an attachment or complete unit. The MultiTool attachment turns a bench grinder into the most useful tool in your shop with endless potential.

4 separate work surfaces include:

  • Front contact wheel grinding
  • Flat platen grinding
  • Slack-belt grinding
  • Disc grinding


Multitool-USA Belt & Disc Grinder is now available at your local NAPA Auto Parts Store.

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Majestar Hoof Rasps

Since we established in 1960, experts have popularlized our high-quality files and rasps of Samick Files. All of our products go through strict quality control and material tests just before delivery to achieve customer satisfaction.

We have three types of rasps:

  • Original — an aggressive toothed rasp that removes materials easily
  • Finecut — a slightly finer tooth
  • Wildcut — rounded teeth on the rasp side for sharp and smoother feel


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