Heller eXcel Legend

The eXcel Legend has a course side which is designed to remove material easily with little effort. Its special design makes this rasp versatile for a variety of climates and particularly effective in wet weather conditions. In addition, more teeth per row have been added so that they cover the entire rasp surface for greater efficiency and a more effective leveling of the hoof.

  • 10% wider than current Heller Legend
  • Wider working area supports efficient hoof removal and leveling
  • Legend teeth design now even more effective in wet conditions
  • New MultiGlide file side ensures a smooth finish

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Save Edge ’Original’ Rasp

The Save Edge “Original” rasp has been the industry standard for many years. This rasp has always been known for its smooth yet aggressive cutting action due to excellent tooth design and a precision sharpening process. The Save Edge rasp is used regularly by professional farriers world-wide.

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MultiTool-USA Belt & Disc Grinder

Sand, sharpen, shape, polish, descale and refinish with MultiTool-USA Belt & Disc Grinder. Sold as an attachment or complete unit. The MultiTool attachment turns a bench grinder into the most useful tool in your shop with endless potential.

4 separate work surfaces include:

  • Front contact wheel grinding
  • Flat platen grinding
  • Slack-belt grinding
  • Disc grinding

Multitool-USA Belt & Disc Grinder is now available at your local NAPA Auto Parts Store.

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