Faiz Ronedin, a Singapore-based farrier, told FourFourTwo why he chose a profession in equine hoof care over playing professional football. 

Ronedin was a leader on the field from an early age, captain for teams at the Zhenghua Primary School and Teck Whye Secondary School and leading the latter to third place at a national competition. In 2007, he got onto the Warriors Football Club’s under-16 team after following his friends to the tryouts.

By 2010, Ronedin was playing for the National Football Academy (NFA) in the Asian Football Confederation Championship qualifiers. After enlisting in the military, he was able to be part of the Singapore Armed Forces Sports Association team, but ended up dropping out.

“It was still a platform for me to play football but I just somehow stopped,” Ronedin told FourFourTwo. “I was too playful at the time, I preferred to go out with my friends and hang out late instead of being serious in football.”

Confronted with an offer to return to football in spring 2012, Ronedin turned it down, deciding to make a surprising career move and pursue a farrier education.

“My dad works at the Singapore Turf Club and recommended me to take up the course,” he says. “It was a dilemma for me with football suddenly coming back in, but I decided to give it a try.”

Ronedin stuck with his choice.

“We got at least two or more horses to shoe every day, which is a tough and demanding job, but also fun and satisfying because I love working with horses and it’s a respectable position in this work environment,” he says.

Ronedin says he watches his former teammates play on television, but has no regrets about his decision.

“I know where I am today and I feel happy now.”