Vettec's Equi-Pak I CS™

Equi-Pak I CS™ is infused with copper sulfate to effectively manage mild and moderate cases of Thrush.

  • For use as pad/packing material for Thrush
  • Can be used as a preventative measure during wet seasons
  • Bonds to the sole, eliminating the need to pick out the feet and apply daily medication
  • Uniform support allows for faster, thicker hoof wall and sole growth
  • Provides same protection and support as original Equi-Pak!

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Farriers' Fix Hoof Oil

Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil is a therapeutic, topical treatment that benefits the entire hoof from the coronary band to the sole and frog. For horses with sore feet, quarter cracks, laminitis, Thrush and etc., apply Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil to clean and dry hoof exterior, sole and frog every day. Use Farriers’ Fix under the pads helps to prevent Thrush and other bacteria from forming. By painting the sole and frog and saturating the packing with Farriers’ Fix, the oil will feed into the hoof, rather than wick it away. Leather pads do not break down as fast when saturated with Farriers’ Fix.

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Banixx Wound & Hoof Care

Can YOU conquer all of your horse infection needs with one product? The answer is YES when the product is Banixx Wound & Hoof Care! This amazing product annihilates infection, whether fungal or bacterial, due to its unique PH formula solution. This solution eradicates Rain Rot and scratches, heals wounds and infections in record time, is potent against Thrush and whips White line disease. Banixx is odor-free, sting-free, steroid-free and colorless while being all-temperature tolerant and cost effective. Safe for all of your pets and proudly made in the USA!

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Spurr’s Big Fix Hoof Fix Creamy Hoof Conditioner

  • Conditions and moisturizes the hoof
  • Brush it on and watch it soak in
  • Not greasy or messy
  • Works best on dry hooves
  • Products created by a farrier for farriers and horse owners!

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