A film by Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group Inc. has been selected for screening at the Equus International Film Festival (EIFF), taking place Sept. 15-17 in Missoula, Mont.

“NO Laminitis!” follows several experienced equestrians whose horses were suddenly struck with laminitis. In 8 minutes, it relates the shared experience and stress of having a laminitic horse.

“When my horse, Pepper, came down with laminitis, I was completely ignorant of noticing all the symptoms that were developing and I think they were developing for a long time,” says Hope Robertson of Jacksonville, Fla., one of the horse owners in the film.

Robertson’s experience is representative of the whole. Laminitis, a painful detachment in the foot between the inner hoof wall and the coffin bone — usually due to insulin resistance — is a surprising and distressing diagnosis. According to ECIR, laminitis affects over a million horses in the U.S. alone.

The film also covers ECIR Group’s treatment objective — diagnosis, diet, trim and exercise — and results. With careful treatment, horses such as those in the film can recover from laminitis and continue healthy lives.

“NO Laminitis!” serves to advance the group’s objective. “The mission of the ECIR Group Inc., is to improve the welfare of equines with metabolic disorders via a unique interface between basic research and real-life clinical experience,” according to their website. “Prevention of laminitis is the ultimate goal.”

Founded in 1999, the volunteer-operated organization continues to grow. “NO Laminitis!” is one example of the group’s outreach.

According to the EEIF website, the event is an annual showcase of award-winning equine film, television and other media that focus on the bond between people and horses, as well as better equine welfare overall.

The film aligns perfectly with the festival’s mission, according to Janet Rose, EIFF director.

“It’s a wonderful, eye-opening, awareness-raising program that will help many horses and the humans that love them and we’re thrilled to share it,” says Rose. 

“NO Laminitis!” can be viewed on Vimeo. To learn more or get involved with ECIR Group Inc., visit their website.