Pictured Above: Weatherford, Texas, farrier Jake Whitman uses a cup holder for his Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil to keep his shoeing box tidy. It's attached to his shoeing box with a zip tie (below).

Hoof polish is a great way to add a low-cost value to your footcare work in your clients’ eyes.

There’s only so much room in your shoeing box, though, and polish that spills over the side of the jar can make a mess of your tools and other equipment.  Weatherford, Texas, farrier Jake Whitman has a simple solution.

“It’s a cup holder,” he says with a chuckle. “I bought it to go with my cooler, but I just never used it. So, I thought, it might work on my shoeing box to hold hoof polish. It works great.”

Jake Whitman cup holder