Pictured Above: Smart Nails UK — Nigel Fennel (from left), Darren Bazin, Steven Beane and Derek Gardner — won the 2016 World Horseshoeing Classic on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016. Mitch Taylor of Kentucky Horseshoeing School and Craig Trnka of World Championship Blacksmiths hosted the event in Richmond, Ky.

By American Farriers Journal Staff

Smart Nails UK captured two of three classes to capture the 2016 World Horseshoeing Classic on Saturday at Kentucky Horseshoeing School in Richmond, Ky.

The team of Steven Beane, Nigel Fennell, Derek Gardner and Darren Bazin wrapped up the title with a total 1,265.10 points after scoring 429.30 points to win the hunter class on the final day of the contest. Smart Nails UK also won the roadster class with 418 points on day 1, while placing fourth in the draft class with 417.8 points.

Cat 6 — Jake Engler, Gene Lieser, Mark Milster and Austin Edens — finished second with a total of 1,255.60 points. They won the draft class with 421.70 points, while finishing second in the hunter (423.10) and roadster (410.80) classes.