Fenwick, Ontario, farrier Doug Peacock has a tendency to surprise people. The 21-year-old is enjoying success that normally comes at an older age.

Pictured Above: Doug Peacock of Fenwick, Ontario, is enjoying success shoeing horses in the Niagara area at the tender age of 21.

Photo: Welland Tribune

“People tell me they can’t believe how much I do and how many horses I do at my age,” Peacock told the Welland Tribune. “There are guys out there, 30 or 35 who can’t get business.”

It helps that he’s a third-generation farrier who picked up the trade from his grandfather and father when he was but 12 years old. He’s been shoeing professionally for about 5 years and apprenticed under his father.

Growing up around horses, Peacock has a great love and understanding of them. The horses he works with are happy to see him. One in particular whinnies and gets excited as soon as she sees him.

“Once I got inside, she would right up to me, looking at me, coming to see me,” he says. “That’s what most horses do when I’m around.”

One of the joys that he has is helping lame horses.

“When you get them back right, and you see them out in the field playing without pain, it’s really nice to see,” Peacock says. “I just really love helping them that way. It’s a really good feeling.”

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