Are you looking for an easy way to cut bar stock? All you need are two crescent wrenches, an anvil and a little elbow grease, says Chappelles, S.C., farrier Josh Bowles.

“You won’t hear any grunting,” when cutting bar stock this way, Bowles says.

Place a crescent wrench in the hardy hole of your anvil. Insert the desired length of stock into the jaws of the wrench and tighten them (Figure 1).

Using the second wrench, close the jaws over the excess length of stock and tighten (Figure 2). Bowles uses a 1½-inch galvanized pipe over the handle of his wrench to gain better leverage.

Holding the longer section of stock with your free hand, twist the wrench that’s holding the shorter end of stock toward you (Figure 3). A little more than a quarter turn will shear the stock.


Click here to watch a quick video demonstration.


Figure 3


Figure 2


Figure 1