By American Farriers Journal Staff

Contrary to long-held beliefs, a recent study by British researchers indicates that laminitis occurs most commonly during winter.

The research, which was conducted by veterinarian Claire Wylie and funded by World Horse Welfare, was presented at the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress last week. The study occurred over 2 years and involved 28 veterinary practices. The findings were published in The Veterinary Journal.

In addition, Sam Chubbock, World Horse Welfare’s chief deputy head of U.K. support, presented a leaflet for horse owners. It educates them on how to spot the early signs of the disease, its treatment, management and prevention.

“Whist many people are aware of laminitis, there are still a lot of misconceptions that only certain types of horses are at risk, or that it is more likely to occur in the spring time,” she says. “So we wanted to address these myths in the leaflet and clearly set out the facts.”

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