Here are the top 10 stories in terms of page views from the past month on

  1. Two Washington County Horses Rescued By Days End Farm
  2. Clover Fungus Causes Excessive Equine Drooling
  3. Stonewell Employee Josiah Robin Passes Away
  4. From The Desk Of AFJ: Federal Employee Definition Could Change Your Practice
  5. Picking A Good Set Of Nippers
  6. Hall Of Fame Farrier, AFJ Editor Red Renchin Passes Away
  7. Hall Of Fame Farrier Mark Caldwell Resigns From Myerscough College
  8. What Is Equine Navicular Disease?
  9. Veterinarian In Congress Reintroduces PAST Act
  10. Equine Physiologist Identifies Marker For Laminitis

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