The American Association of Professional Farriers and Canadian Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF/CAPF) are pleased to announce the new Roy Bloom Scholarship program. The goal of this program is to encourage learning farriers to pursue their continuing education by attending the International Hoof-Care Summit as well as participating in the AAPF/CAPF Mentoring program.

This new program will annually recognize three eligible farriers by providing each of them with a package to include:

- Registration to the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio
- Transportation to the Summit (either by auto reimbursement or air travel)
- Lodging at the Summit (for 3 nights)

In addition, the program will select a Grand Prize winner from these three farriers who will also receive a 2 to 3 day opportunity to work with the AAPF/CAPF mentor of their choice. The program will pay for the transportation and lodging expenses of the Grand Prize winner to work with their selected mentor.

Program Individual Sponsors:

- Dave Dawson APF, Uxbridge, Ontario
- James Gilchrist APF, Wellington, Fla.
- Frank Reilly DVM, Unionville, Pa.
- Ernest Woodward APF, Cardiff, Calif.

Program Corporate Sponsors:

- Duggan Farrier Supply, Ramsey, Minn.
- Meader Supply, Rochester, N.H.
- NC Tool Company, Pleasant Garden, N.C.
- The Horseshoe Barn, Sacramento, Calif.

Qualifications for Application:

- Be a professional farrier (i.e. working full-time as a farrier) for a maximum of five (5) years
- Be a current member of the AAPF/CAPF
- Be a registered participant of the AAPF/CAPF mentoring program — either as a mentor or mentee.
- The applicant must be willing and able to attend the AAPF/CAPF Annual General Membership meeting at the International Hoof-Care Summit
- Submit an application which will include a brief resume
- The mentor or mentee of the applicant shall also submit a letter of recommendation for the applicant


Each applicant will be required to complete a brief application (see link below) and submit one of the following options:

a. Detailed Case Study he/she has worked on with his/her mentor/mentee, presented in a PowerPoint format. Said case study to include photos of before and after shoeing; to include at least three shoeing cycles; inclusion of thoughts and recommendations of mentor and, if appropriate, the veterinarian;

b. Same as above, but presented in essay format (not in PowerPoint). Will still require photos and recommendations;

c. Chronicle of the applicant’s life (journey) as a farrier. To include relationship with mentor.

Application Link: CLICK HERE

Application Deadline: November 1, 2015

Questions? Call the AAPF/CAPF Office at 859-533-1465 or email