A Fabulous Report!

I was really impressed with your new “Feeding The Hoof” report. I absolutely love it, it looks great and I’m excited about what it can do for the industry. It’s definitely jammed with valuable hoof nutrition information.

—Cindy Qualls, Rio Vista Products, Santa Maria, Calif.

If you are a paid subscriber to American Farriers Journal, you’ve probably already found a copy of the 64-page “Feeding The Hoof” report enclosed with this issue. There are 24 in-depth articles on hoof nutrition that have been packaged in this Special Shoeing Report that was sponsored by a dozen suppliers and American Farriers Journal.

Copies are also available for $9.95 each for your shoeing clients from American Farriers Journal, P.O. Box 624, Brookfield, WI 53008-0624 or by calling (800) 645-8455 or (262) 782-4480. Look for even more exciting bonuses coming in the future for paid magazine subscribers.

Professional Perspective

Congratulations on your on-going commitment to presenting in-depth total industry coverage of equine hoof care from the professional perspective.

—Larry Odom, Dawson, Ga.

Fronts Vs. Hinds

One of the best articles that’s ever appeared in American Farriers Journal dealt with the differences in shoeing front vs. the hind feet. Since I’ve lost my copy of that article, could you please send me another one?

—Douglas Nielsen, DVM, Nielsen Animal Medical Group, Andover, Kan.

The article appeared on pages 19 to 21 of the January/February, 2001, issue and was entitled “Toe Mechanics” by Mansfield, Ohio, farrier Randy Luikart. A companion article entitled “Wisdom From The Past” by Turin, Ga., farrier Lynn Jean appeared on pages 12 to 17 of that issue.

Thanks To Everyone

Some time ago, an item appeared in American Farriers Journal and on your Web site concerning our 6-year-old son Shayne Tetrault. He had been diagnosed with t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in June of 2001 and relapsed last April. His only chance for a cure was a bone marrow transplant.

After your article appeared, we received letters and donations from around the country and wanted to thank everyone for their overwhelming support during this very difficult time. The outpouring of support enabled me to spend time away from my business and to be with my son during the intense rounds of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, our son lost his brave battle with leukemia on July 19. However, your support helped me to focus on what was important — spending time with Shayne before he died.

Our family will be eternally grateful for the letters of encouragement, prayers and donations. I am proud to be a member of a profession of people that is so giving and generous. Thank you again and God bless everyone.

—Mark, Jana and Elise Tetrault, 
New Manchester, W.Va.

Another Huge Success

On behalf of the North Carolina Horseshoer’s Association, I’d like to thank you for making our contest a huge success. Without the donations and support of industry suppliers, we wouldn’t be able to hold the quality event that we do.

—Joe Chockley, Efland, N.C.

We’ll always supply copies of American Farriers Journal, books and Special Shoeing Reports to farrier groups or suppliers who are holding clinics or open houses. Just write or call us at the address shown on page 7 and we’ll be glad to send along items for your next event.

Three Great Days!

I first learned about last summer’s “Danny Ward School For Farrier Suppliers” from your magazine staff and I am writing to let you know how much Donna and I enjoyed the school.

In 3 days, Danny and his staff gave us an education that we will never forget. The concept of having manufacturers and suppliers get hands-on experience with horseshoeing and forge work gives us a much better working knowledge of the products and tools used by our customers. We now have an even greater appreciation of the skills and hard work that farriers perform on a daily basis.

—Wayne Brockney, Meader Supply Corp., Rochester, N.H.

This was the second of these farrier supplier sessions that Danny Ward has held at his Martinsville, Va., school. Three of our American Farriers Journal staff members have attended and a photo of the folks participating in last summer’s school is shown here.

Thanks For Your Help

Thank you for the door prizes that American Farriers Journal provided for our recent open house and clinic. Through the generous donations of suppliers, we provided attendees with plenty of valuable merchandise and educational materials.

—Mark Clay, Scott M. Colson’s Shop, Clinton, Miss.