10 Tips to Keep Footcare Clients Happy

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Running a successful hoof-care practice relies on more than simply keeping your clients’ horses sound. Good customer service practices are proven to help retain clients.

Red Renchin, a farrier with more that 40 years of experience, has collected 10 customer service tips from successful farriers who each hold a minimum of 15 years of experience as full-time shoers. These tips will go beyond the obvious like returning phone calls and showing up on time. Renchin adds suggestions on how to build these tips into your footcare practice.

This Online Hoof-Care Classroom is eligible for one continuing education credit from the American Association of Professional Farriers. After viewing this classroom, you may submit your CE credit request here. The AAPF/IAPF CE program does not automatically guarantee recognition of any CE credits by any state veterinary licensing board. Please check with your state’s board for approved CE events.

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