AFJ Webinars Are Excellent

The American Farriers Journal webinars are a great way to share knowledge. They allow access to clinicians and topics that may be out of reach for many of us.

—Jeremy Manley, Burns, Wyo.

The American Farriers Journal staff has produced 15 webinars on a number of trimming, shoeing and farrier business management topics that you can view and learn from. Go to www.americanfarriers.com/webinars to see the list of topics and view them free of charge.

More On Vet/Farrier Relations

I was deeply saddened as I read the Letterbox column in the April 2014 issue. I was present at that International Hoof-Care Summit (IHCS) Roundtable and initiated some of the discussion. In my opinion, there was absolutely no bashing of veterinarians in any way. 

I brought up the topic “What do you do, or how far will you go, if vet help is not available?” In my area of rural Iowa, equine veterinarians are a luxury, as most vets deal with cattle, hogs or small animals. These vets tell us that they are of no use to us on equine feet. And with rural backyard horses, the client may not have the resources for the extra expense of a vet call. 

So in the Summit Hoof-Care Roundtable, we discussed to what extent a farrier would go to help and/or possibly save a horse if vet help was not available. The conclusions varied, as some farriers would be willing to go further than others. 

There are several cases…

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