Make The Little Things Count

You can make little things in your farrier business go a long way in ensuring your success. A farrier business is a service-based business and it is important to pay attention to more than just nailing shoes on feet. Here are some tips on little things that cost you nothing, but go a long way to ensure a successful farrier business.

Clean Up The Foot. Clean up and dress your finished product, the hoof. Whether it is a trim or a shoeing, the foot should look clean and neat. Fill the old nail holes with plastic wood, use a foam pad to clean the wall and dress the foot with hoof dressing. The finished foot is your best business card. 

Clean Up The Area. Leave the trimming/shoeing area clean when you leave. Use a magnet to pick up nails and sweep or rake the area to pick up manure, pad material, hoof trimmings and anything else that is left from your work.

Take Notes. Take notes of more than just the shoeing. Get the name of the horse, the owner and any relevant facts that will tell the client that you care about them and consider them special. When you leave one client, stop at the end of the driveway and review your notes on your next client.

Clean Your Vehicle. Keep your shoeing vehicle clean, neat and free of non-shoeing items. Your vehicle should not look as if shoeing is an after thought and not a profession. Bales of…

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Bob Smith

Bob Smith is a Hall Of Fame farrier and owner of the Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in Plymouth, Calif.

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