What is your preferred method for treating a case of thrush? How do you get the horse owner's involvement?

The acid-based silicone itself actually has inherent anti-fungal properties of itself, so it helps more than "sealing the void" to outside contaminants. The anti-fungal action is usually specified on the printed specs on the side of the tube. In 20+ years I have never seen a horse have an allergic reaction and... yes, I put on disposable surgical gloves to both clean and inject. I have also tried breach with limited results. Hope that helps. :-)
—Luis Mantilla

Hmmm hadn't thought about using silicone to seal the voids (so they don't fill with manure!) just hope there aren't any silicone allergic horses (I personally can't stand the stuff) but would love to use this if it didn't cause a problem :)
—Heidi Meyer

I use gauze pads instaed of cotton [no shredding] I clean and flush w/ bleach and water then inject today mastitis cream hen pack w/ gauze repeat daily for a week or so thrush gone and won't return in a reasonable environment

Grasp some cotton with a hemostatic clamp and wrap the cotton tightly around the nose of the clamp. Soak the cotton in a solution 1:1 of alcohol and strong iodine. Clean affected zone repeatedly, changing the cotton as needed until no more stinky material is forthcomming. Change cotton once more and finish cleaning with pure alcohol. Then dry with some clean cotton on the hemostatic clamp. Inject under pressure and fill the void with plain transparent one-part silicone sealant/caulk you buy at any hardware store. The cleaning and the silicone will kill the infection quickly. Repeat morning and night for about ten days. The void will be filled in with healthy growth very quickly and you will need less and less silicone. In only two weeks you can stop treatment.
—Luis Mantilla

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