How many different hammers do you use for your forge work? What are they and what are their particular uses?

I use a Diamond rounding hammer and a 1-1/2lb ball pein. The ball pein I use for leveling hot shoes.

I have more damn hammers than anyone will ever need, driving or otherwise. And I just bought another! 
In my experience, for just shaping shoes, any old 2 or 2 1/2 lb hammer will do. I own some fairly pricy stuff, but the only hammers I own that haven't ever given me any trouble were cheaper ones. I think my first one was a Vaughan. Still tight, still works. Just ise a sander to make the flat face a little flatter.
—Travis Morgan

I have an assortment of Jay Sharp hammers I use with the 2# being my overall favorite.

I use a 2 lbs jay sharp for cold shoeing a 1 3/4 jay sharp for hot shoeing a 1 lbs for jay sharp for raceplates and a jay sharp cross pien hammer for clips

I use a 1 or 2 pound Jim Poor (Flatland Forge) in the truck everyday. I use various weight of handmade hammers in the shop. My shop favorite Dennis Manning and I made together, I was the striker.
—Tim Dodd

i use jim kieth hardhitter at dayly Work and for competition and in the shop at home vtf 2 Pound rounding hammer and for clipping a jim poor crosspen that i have for many years
—peter kristiansen

I have a 2 lb Jim Blurton for everyday shaping. A Jim Keith cross pein for pulling clips and a 3 lb Jim Keith for cold shaping aluminums or making small adjustment on a cold, steel shoe and an Anvil Brand combo brass/steel hammer for cutting heels on the hardy.

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