I became a farrier to shoe my own horses. I shoe other people's horses on the side, along with ny other full-time job in a hospital. I attented Tucson School of Horseshoeing. I went in green and came out a "certified" farrier in 3 months. No apprenticeship. My horses make me do things, all the way from pleasure riding to rodeo to ranching. Another words, my horses have molded me and I enjoy being around them.

I started out doing tech work in Silicon Valley! I did okay but never got a lot of fulfillment from it. Over the years I became interested in horses, there was a woman involved... My neighbor told me to take the horseshoeing class at the JC, but I wasn't thrilled. I knew, though, if I was going to be my own mechanic for my cars and bikes, I might have to become one for my future horse. I took the class, but I was cringing right up to opening the door. It was great! This could solve a lot of career trouble for me. I decided to attend a regular farrier school and haven't worked for anyone else since.

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