I've learned to always be where you say you'll be or call call ahead when you can't!
—Brandon Marczyk, CF

For horse with lameness or movement problems. Pull shoes, trim, saddle up and work in a nice soft arena. If the horse moves better you have a shoeing problem . If not a lameness problem, From a Bob Marshal clinic. This has helped me a lot and shows the customer whether a vet is needed. # 2 learn some equine body work massage and stretching. IT helps with those really tight behind horses that want to suck you in underneath them on the hinds. some miner stretching and muscle release will make your day go better and is not hard to learn.And does not take that long to do. 
—Ross Maynard

I'm actually getting responses to my online listing. Until now, that simply didn't happen.

How and when to fire a customer.
—Cheryl Swayne

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