Nature Farms Impression Material

Provides durable soft/medium support.

  • Provides frog and bony column support
  • Works well for navicular and lamanitic horses
  • Two-part mix with a 4- to 6-minute cure time at 70 degrees
  • Great with wooden shoes, bar shoes or under pads

3541 National Drive
Norman, OK 73069
Store: 405-307-8031
Toll free: 800-406-6759

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Razerhorse Propad

The Razerhorse Propad was designed to re-establish frog function on a shod hoof and reduce concussion. It has a flexible frog support to fill the void between the frog and ground.

It is made of a dual density polyurethane to offer a softer concussion absorbing material in the heel region while still being durable, and is the only pad on the market with an independent frog support.

Propad works on all breeds of horses. Don’t wait for injuries! Compensate for the lack of length and function of the frog with Propad on your horse.

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Hoof-Life Ortho-Pak Putty from Victory

Formulated specifically for industrial applications where shock absorption and support are required.

Two formulations are available: Firm Support (pink) and Super Cushion (blue). Use with a full pad for custom fit to support the coffin bone and stimulate blood flow.

Will not harden; remains resillient throughout application!

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StepnSoak 911

Got a hoof?
Then you need…

Endlessly Reusable:

  • Soaking
  • Cooling
  • Rx Application

No more buckets!
Heavy duty.

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Shandong Tongli Horseshoes PU Pads & Rubber Snow Pads

PU Pads

  • Sizes: Mini (size 2), Standard (size 3), Grand (size 4) and Clear PU
  • Highest quality for 100% clear PU
  • Best price for all markets
  • Always kept in-stock — 50,000 pairs — for fast delivery

Rubber Snow Pads

  • New, 100% pure rubber from 2013
  • Sizes: Mini (size 2) and Standard (size 3)
  • Best price
  • Always kept in-stock — 60,000 pairs — for fast delivery

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Flapper Pad from Grand Circuit

  • Uses a tip shoe on the front half of the pad leaving the heel covered by the pad only.
  • Leaves the frog and bars in full contact dispersing the impact of landing on the entire heel area.
  • Feels like a slipper to a heel sore horse.
  • Began use with Standardbreds and Trotter and has spread to all disciplines.
  • Available in three styles and five sizes.

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True-Flite Hoof Pads from Victory

True-Flite shock absorbent pads stand apart from other hoof pad products because:

  1. True-Flite pads are consistent — a specific formulation of ingredients is used to make our pads so that they perform — every time!
  2. True-Flite pads are reliable – won’t crack or tear — even in extreme temperatures
  3. True-Flite pads are economical — farrier call-backs for service are unnecessary — positive results every time!

Available in flat pads, thinliner, cushion heel, degree pad, ultra cushion and cushion frog pad.

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Castle Plastics Sno Ball Pads

Every style and size you need for safe winter riding — all manufactured in polyurethane material.

Castle Plastics Sno Pad

  • Regular Snoball pad
  • Large Snoball pad
  • 2-degree Snoball pad
  • 2-degree large Snoball pad
  • Draft Snoball pad

Rim Sno Pad

  • Front and hind in black
  • Front and hind in clear
  • Large front in clear
  • Two-degree front and hind in black
  • Small and large square toed in black

Square Toed Rim Sno

  • Small — 5-5/8 in. by 5-1/2 in. by 1/8 in.
  • Large — 6-5/8 in. by 5-3/4 in. by 1/8 in.

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