What's the farthest you are willing to travel to a client?

What factors contribute to that decision (number of horses to work with at one location, fuel charge, etc.)?

I have traveled 150 miles for a good client. With a $150 trip fee.
—Brad Bichler

I'll go an hour from home at base rate. Beyond that, I charge an extra $5/half hour. I typically stay within an hour, but do go out 2 1/2hrs., maybe 200miles, for good/multi clients/horses.
—Mikel Crees

I don't usually travel outside if a two hour circle of my home. I do have clients that haul horses to me from further tho.
—Brandon Marczyk

I used to travel up to three hours to get to a barn. I figured that as long as I charged trip charges I was all right for money. I have since figured out that I don't get pain near enough for my "windshield time". I now stay well within my two counties nearest me, travel no more than 45 minutes to a client and make more money as a shoer than a driver. I charge $1 per mile trip charge.
—Dave Kidd

I only go 25 miles from my house & that's only North & South. To the East of me is a pretty good mountain & even to go 10 miles that direction takes a long time so I pass on horses to the East of me. Depending on the location of the client, even 25 miles can be too far to travel if I have to go on backroads to get there. I too, have had clients that wanted my services so have trailered in to my house to have their horses shod.

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