How regularly do you use hoof pads in your farrier business?

How do you use them?

Do you have a preference in pad material?

I use pads several times a month. I use wedges, bar wedges, flat plastic, flat urethane, leather in various thicknesses, rim anti-snowball pads, full antil-snowball pads, frog prosthesis pads, etc. I prefer leather but have no aversion to using synthetic material pads. I use them for protection, HPA change, to add length to English Pleasure packages, for additional frog support/contact.

I use the hydrostatic pads on several barrel and pole horses. They soften in hot water and allow you to conform them to the sole and frog, then they harden and act like 1/8" of armor on the sole. Regular flat pads are slippery, especially at speed, but these conform to the irregular surface of the hoof surface and therefore don't hinder traction.

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