I see more often than not just lack of hygine. Need to clean padocks more and use their hoof picks. Just Thrush and shelly feet do to lax hygine.

Lack of a more routine trimming schedule. Issues noted are long toes and underrun heels to chronic foundered horses and laminar wedges.
—Esco Buff, PhD, APF, CF

Most owners of backyard horses treat them as family members and give them great care but some of them think that old or useless horses kept on pasture do not need hoof care in regular intervals anymore. These horses suffer from many hoof capsule distortions, thrush, cracks and abscesses. It is depressing when you are not able to help the horse because owner is not willing to listen your arguments.
—Jana Doleckova

An issue I see with backyard horses are that they are over fed and not exercised leading to weight issues that destroy the feet even with proper hoof care.

As Esco and Heidi stated. Lack of hygine, lack of routine trimming, and a continual canceling and rescheduleing.
—Jerry L.

4 seasons-wet conditions- havoc distorting the hoof. A lot of long toe, under run heels, broken back-bony column alignment. Shoes overprotect the hoof- toes runs forward and are not brought back under the limb. Barefoot horses, trend to promote concavity by not touching sole- toes left long in a misguided attempt to gain sole depth. Add to that moisture soaked hooves, and the capsules run forward. Spring-muddy & wet, Summer-turn out on moist pasture, bathing, fall-wet, rainy, muddy, winter-snow all season: Keratex helps to harden hooves and reduce distortions as backyard horses tend to be turned out in all these conditions.

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