The most valuable tool when setting up your insurance plan is a frank conversation with your broker or agent. Chris Van Leeuwen of Stratus Insurance in Pleasant Grove, Utah, says a dialogue can help both parties better understand what needs to be accomplished as well as clarifying subject matter.

“It would be just like going to the insurance agent and telling him or her what a farrier does,” he explains. “The agent may not be able to tell you.”

Insurance professionals may not be familiar with the horseshoeing industry, and will rely on information from you to write up your insurance policies. The more you tell an agent, the better he or she will be able to write up a policy to fit your insurance needs. Some important things to talk over are the use of your vehicle, employees, your property and any other equine activities.

“Most horseshoers are not just horseshoers — they have other things going on. They may have horses at home, have a barn or ride. A good broker or agent will sit down and ask those sort of questions,” says Jamie Cooper, an attorney and wife of a farrier in Cleveland, Texas.

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