Laminil is the first injectable drug treatment for acute and active chronic laminitis that inhibits the inflammatory response and the laminitis cascade.
Laminil can treat both acute laminitis and active chronic laminitis. The drug is a mast cell stabilizer that inhibits inflammatory mediators and other chemicals from being released from the mast cell in excess. When the inflammatory mediators are not released in excess, then the laminitis cascade is broken/halted, and the horse is able to heal and recover.
Laminil is undergoing FDA clinical testing, and the clinical trial needs more laminitis cases to treat. Veterinarians who are treating laminitic horses are encouraged to read through the inclusion form on the "For Veterinarians" page at to see if the horse qualifies for the trial. If it does, the vet should follow the instructions on the form or contact Willowcroft Pharm for more information.
Participation in the clinical trial not only will help the horse, but it will get this drug approved so it can be available for all horses.
Laminitis is inflammation of the hoof. There are many triggers for laminitis, but the end result is the same: inflammation. This leads to destruction of the delicate laminae that connect the hoof wall to the coffin bone inside the hoof. The disease has ended the life of such great racehorses as Secretariat and Barbaro.
The active ingredient of Laminil is already FDA approved for humans, and it has been approved for investigational drug testing in horses. It is being tested in top veterinary facilities such as Dubai Equine Hospital in Dubai and Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky.  Laminil has been successful in stopping laminitis in 80 percent of horses treated so far. The drug has been administered to more than 60 horses and 120 hooves with no adverse effects.  It has shown efficacy with all types of laminitis such as insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome, grain overload, grass founder, trauma and weight-bearing laminitis.
Given that there have been no adverse effects with this drug, owners should feel confident in seeking treatment for their laminitic horses in the clinical trial. For more information, contact Willowcroft Pharm, (303) 875-7402 or