Well-Horse Thrush-Off

All-natural proven hoof treatment for thrush, cracked heels, abscess, quarter cracks, white line disease, laminitis, plus Thrush Off heals wounds or infections to coronet band. Thrush Off works immediately to form a protective barrier and begin healing the hoof in wet and muddy conditions. Weekly hoof treatments have shown a good preventative for hoof issues. Organic and non-toxic, Thrush-Off doesn’t burn sensitive or live tissue so hair re-grows back same color. Thrush Off is the recipient of the coveted Horse Journal Editors’ Choice award for best natural Thrush treatment. Developed by Well-Horse, a California-based company that creates and develops equine organic products, including Well-Horse Resin, an organic, non-toxic wound and scratches treatment and Purple Mush, a renowned Canker treatment.

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Hawthorne Sole Pack

Sole Pack is a soothing, pain relieving thrush treatment. Considered a barn staple, Sole Pack’s combination of ingredients destroys the bacterial-fungal infection while it soothes and protects damaged tissue. Sole Pack provides a combination of antimicrobial activity, anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities effective for the treatment of thrush, soreness and infections. Sole Pack provides a physical barrier to prevent further invasion of tissue or tissue trauma offering soothing, moisturizing and conditioning effects. Prevent thrush by adding Sole Pack to your daily maintenance program.

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THRUSH STOP creates an antiseptic barrier between thrush and healthy tissue by actually bonding to the hoof protein for long lasting protection. THRUSH STOP is not caustic like other commercial preparations that can mummify and stunt new horn growth. THRUSH STOP is also safe to use. It contains no formaldehyde (formalin) or other cancer causing agents. THRUSH STOP can also be used before applying silicone and sole pads to reduce the possibility of reinfection. And it is also effective against stubborn Candida (yeast) infections. "The Horse-Journal's 2009 Product of the Year."

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Vettec Equi-Pak CS

Thrush is never a welcome sight. Prevent it this year by applying Equi-Pak CS to those at risk horses before it has a chance to flourish. Equi-Pak CS adheres to the foot, preventing moisture from migrating to the sole and keeping thrush at bay. Your clients will thank you for keeping their horses sound and thrush-free.

Equi-Pak CS sets in one minute, locks into place, and promotes a strong seal reducing sand and debris migration into the sole. As with other products, Equi-Pak CS should not be used in the presence of bleeding or white necrotic tissue.

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Hawthorne Hoof Freeze

  • Effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution used in the treatment of White Line Disease and Thrush
  • Fast acting iodine based formula provides rapid and deep penetration.
  • Hardens and dries soft, mushy, moist infected tissue yet harmless to healthy tissue.
  • An effective companion to Hawthorne’s Sole Pack when treating fungal and bacterial infections.

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Life Data Hoof Disinfectant

Destroys harmful hoof-eating microbes. Life Data Hoof Disinfectant is a safe and effective topical disinfectant clinically proven to kill the bacteria and fungi that cause hoof capsule problems. Life Data Hoof Disinfectant not only kills these hoof-eating microbes on the surface of the hoof, but penetrates deep within the hoof wall to kill these microbes at the very foundation of the invasion. The active ingredient in Life Data Hoof Disinfectant is a tamed iodine solution that is delivered into the hoof capsule by a highly penetrating base of tea tree oil.

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