SBS Equine Sav-A-Hoof Spray Refill

New! The multi-use gallon refill is economical. It can be used to re?ll eight spray bottles, 32 soaking boots, or 200 SBS flushing tubes, all at a great savings! Extra labels for sprayers and an SBS flushing tube are provided with each gallon.

For 25 years Sav-A-Hoof has proven to be safe and effective against the bacteria and fungi associated with thrush, white line disease, seedy toe, candida yeast, and hoof abscesses. It works so well because it stops bacteria and fungi without harming the sensitive hoof tissue trying to grow out. The product also provides an antiseptic barrier against infection and has a long term effect.

Sav-A-Hoof is not caustic like many other commercial preperations. It contains no formaldehyde or formalin, iodine or batadine, peroxide, heavy metals, or copper sulfate.

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Hawthorne Products Sole Pack

  • Combination of patented ingredients that aid in the prevention and destruction of bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Protects from further contamination, soothes damaged and fevered tissue.
  • An effective companion to Hawthorne’s Hoof Freeze when treating fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Restores natural pliability and promotes hoof growth.

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Veterinary Preference Thrush Treatment

Get the best thrush treatment available! Veterinary Preference is the only pre-medicated, self-adhering remedy that can cure thrush in as little as three days. This fast-acting natural treatment has a unique delivery system. The active medication is saturated into cotton rolls that, when pressed into the “V” (sulci) of the frog, ensure constant delivery of medication for 24 hours. The medication leaves no stains on hoof, clothing or floors. It has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as a mild desiccant (drying agent). Additionally, Veterinary Preference can be used for both thrush and white line disease. Distributor opportunities available.

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Hawthorne Products Hoof Freeze

  • Effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution used in the treatment of white line disease and thrush.
  • Fast acting iodine-based formula provides rapid and deep penetration.
  • Hardens and dries soft, mushy, moist infected tissue yet harmless to healthy tissue.
  • Topical pain relief for the tender footed horse.

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