Farriers' Greeting Cards

Farriers: thank your customers for their business this year with these holiday cards designed especially for horseshoeing businesses. You can also keep your name in front of your customers for a full year with "Things Not To Say To A Farrier" magnetic business card calendars. Shown here is #DEC Decorated shoe - it's on sale for HALF PRICE while supplies last.

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Castle Plastics Sno Ball Pads

Every style and size you need for safe winter riding — all manufactured in polyurethane material.

Castle Plastics Sno Pad

  • Regular Snoball pad
  • Large Snoball pad
  • 2-degree Snoball pad
  • 2-degree large Snoball pad
  • Draft Snoball pad

Rim Sno Pad

  • Front and hind in black
  • Front and hind in clear
  • Large front in clear
  • Two-degree front and hind in black
  • Small and large square toed in black

Square Toed Rim Sno

  • Small — 5-5/8 in. by 5-1/2 in. by 1/8 in.
  • Large — 6-5/8 in. by 5-3/4 in. by 1/8 in.

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Delta Mustad No-Snow Pad & Drive-In Studs

The Mustad No-Snow Pad has a unique air cushion that compresses, then expands to push snow out of the sole area, preventing dangerous snowball build-up and improves winter traction. Also a great choice to prevent mud accumulation. The pads are durable enough to handle tough winter conditions and can usually be used for multiple resets. With Mustad’s Drive-in Studs, you will experience superior winter traction on ice, in snow, mud and blacktop without time consuming welds. And they last so long you can often reuse them for resets. Simply, punch the stud back out and you’re ready to put it back in another shoe!

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