EasyShoe Performance N/G

Enjoy the benefits of a barefoot protocol without having to apply and remove boots each time you ride. The new EasyShoe allows the hoof to naturally expand and contract laterally and vertically. The open sole design assures complete breathability of the sole and frog.

Manufactured with the latest in polyurethane technology, the EasyShoe dramatically reduces concussion on hard surfaces, yet offers maximum durability and longevity.

The EasyShoe has already excelled on the flat track and in the endurance, dressage and sport horse disciplines. The EasyShoe may also be used to help offset chronic symptoms of thin hoof walls, sensitive heels, quarter cracks, slow hoof growth and reverse palmar angles.

Each of the four EasyShoe models stays on the hoof for the entire trimming cycle, and may be nailed or glued to the hoof.

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Castle Plastics Sno Ball Pads

Every style and size you need for safe winter riding — all manufactured in polyurethane material.

Castle Plastics Sno Pad

  • Regular Snoball pad
  • Large Snoball pad 2-degree
  • Snoball pad 2-degree large
  • Snoball pad
  • Draft Snoball pad

Rim Sno Pad

  • Front and hind in black 
  • Front and hind in clear
  • Large front in clear
  • Two-degree front and hind in black
  • Small and large square toed in black

Square Toed Rim Sno

  • Small — 5-5/8 in. by 5-1/2 in. by 1/8 in.
  • Large — 6-5/8 in. by 5-3/4 in. by 1/8 in.

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Razerhorse Propads

The Propad is one of the most durable pads on the market typically getting 4-5 resets. It was designed with a flexible frog support to fill the void between frog and ground when the horse is shod. The flexible frog support extends the frog and works as a shock absorber. It unloads the hoof wall and improves circulation in the hoof. ProPad’s unique accordion-like design allows the frog support to follow all movements of the frog without causing pressure at rest. The ProPad comes in 3 density’s and sizes and can be used with any open-heeled shoe.

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Blue Pegasos Terraflex Nail-On Horse Shoes

All shoes are sold in pairs (two shoes per pack) including a free pack of nails for one application. The shoes are made in universal sizes and shapes, which can be used for either front or hind hooves. For an example: If you use a 130mm size shoe to fit the front of your horses hooves you most likely would need a 125mm size shoe for his hind hooves, although you may use the same 125mm size shoe as a front shoe for another horse and apply a 120mm size shoe for his hind hooves. If you have any furhter queries to the fitting of our shoes please click on the videos or go to YouTube and type in bluepegasos horse shoe fiiting.

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Mustad Drive-In Studs

P-9, P-10, P-11, P11.5, P-12, P13 With Mustad’s carbide tip Studs, you’ll see superior winter traction on ice, snow, mud and blacktop without time consuming welds. Mustad Drive-In Studs last so long, you may often reuse them for resets. Just pop the stud out of the stud hole and insert into next set of shoes.

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True-Flite Hoof Pads from Victory

True-Flite hoof pads are consistent, reliable and economical.

  • Consistent: we use a specific formulation of urethane resin to produce True-Flite every time!
  • Reliable: True-Flite pads remain flexible under extremes of temperature. They won’t crack in the coldest of winter weather nor will they “squish” at the heels during the hottest heat wave!
  • Economical: True-Flite pads eliminate call-backs for service and are competitively priced!

True-Flite pads have set the industry standard since 1968 and are available in a multitude of styles, shapes, thicknesses and colors.

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Mustad No Snow Pad

The Mustad No-Snow Pad has a unique air cushion that compresses, then expands to push snow out of the hoof, preventing dangerous snowball build-up and improving winter traction. Also a great choice to prevent mud accumulation. No-Snow Pads are durable enough to handle tough winter conditions, can be easily applied during shoeing, and can usually be used in multiple resets.

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