Öllöv SoftStep — for Shock Absorption and Grip

The new generation Öllöv has a new forged steel core, easy to shape and process as regular steel shoe. The SoftStep has great durability and rollover, dampens maxload, and adds grip on asphalt, snow, cement, grass and even fibersand! Usually no snow sole needed. It is excellent for horses on hard surfaces and horses in rehabilitation, but also for sport horses in jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance, sport driving and more.

Dimensions: 6mm steel +9 mm rubber

Sizes: 3x0 – 4 (Also available with stud holes)

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Learn more about Öllöv, who has been designing and producing rubber shoes in Sweden and EU for over 20 years.


Mustad No-Snow Pads

The new & improved Mustad No-Snow Pads feature a new shape that will fit more horseshoe styles and hoof shapes. The polyurethane makes the No-Snow Pads very resistant and can often be reset more than once. Additionally, the new blue color increases safety by making it easier to see a lost horseshoe in the snow.

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Pathfinder Farrier Products Co.®

When your customers and their horses demand superior traction, it's time for a new path.

At Pathfinder Farrier Products Co.®, we work very hard to honor your craft with the best possible products, from incredibly consistent composite rods to tube metal and flux.

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TRUE-FLITE pads are guaranteed not to crack in the coldest winter temperatures! TRUE-FLITE hoof pads are consistent, reliable and economical. Consistent — we use a specific formulation of urethane resin to produce TRUE-FLITE every time! Reliable — TRUE-FLITE pads remain flexible under extremes of temperature. They won’t crack in the coldest of winter weather nor will they “squish” at the heels during the hottest heat wave! Economical — TRUE-FLITE pads eliminate service call-backs and are competitively priced!

TRUE-FLITE pads have set the industry standard since 1968 and are available in a multitude of styles, shapes, thicknesses and colors.

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