Protecting You and Your Assets

The odds are stacked against farriers.

You’re working under large, unpredictable animals. You use knives, hammers and flammable materials. And, you spend an obscene amount of time behind the wheel. With all of these hazards, as well as a host of others, you must protect yourself, your family and your business.

Simply put, it’s not a matter of if you will need insurance, it’s a matter of when.

As a hoof-care professional, you need to include insurance in your business plan, as well as the cost of insurance in the prices you charge.

While proper coverage is important, the costs can be daunting to someone just starting a farrier practice. The consensus of successful veteran farriers is that at the very least, you must have some sort of health coverage, as well as proper coverage on your vehicle. Liability coverage is next in terms of importance, followed by disability or income insurance. If you have dependents, life insurance is also a must.

To get started, sit down with a knowledgeable insurance agent and hash out what you need. If you have little or no experience with insurance, talk with family members, friends or other farriers you know about agents they work with.

It might be a plus if an agent already has worked with other farriers. Agencies that have a history of working with farms and ranches might be familiar with what you do for a living. Either way, it’s important to have forthright discussions with agents so they can…

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